Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SLASHTHESLAPS - Sticker Liquidation Sale

Discordia Culture Shop has been in the Sticker Business for over a decade. So they have a huge selection of Designer Stickers including Psychological Industries, Pink Nightmare Squad, RX SKULLS, Buff Monster, Join the Much, Sticker Robot, and of course, is the exclusive source of all Underground Blend Sticker Packs featuring Vinyls from the entire international sticker art scene!

Unfortunately the weight of all these sticker packs is costing them copious amounts of jet fuel in their Floating Fortress of Designer Doom hovering over the Rocky Mountain range. They have to go. And their loss is your gain.

So hurry up and buy some sticker packs before they toss them all into the Yosemite area super volcano and destroy 2/3rds of the United States in a molten cataclysm of hellfire paving the way for the rise of a society of talking spider monkeys and killer robots who will scour the earth with the Great Monkey Robot War that will last 1000 years!


Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia

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