Monday, May 21, 2018


The Red DIY BOXCAT is the Rotofugi Exclusive version, limited to the number of pre-orders received through June 20, 2018. Delivery is estimated for Aug/Sept. Just in time for the Discordia Custom Show at Designer Con 2018!

"We can gain a great inspiration sometimes from something small and plain." -RATO KIM


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Sunday, May 20, 2018

DIY Spray Can X Patrick Wong

Patrick Wong never disappoints! Here is what he made of the DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy from

We made this platform toy and didn't recognize it at first! And this is GAME ON CHALLENGE TIME! We dare other Custom Artists to show him up and do better. And so it begins...

Discordia Merchandising will be at DCON 2018 and we will putting on the Discordia Custom Toy Show in our Booth, We even have special glass cases to display them all in, and each artists will get 80% of their asking price!

So get your DIY Spray Can, DIY BOXCAT, and DIY Miss Cupcake XL and get cracking!

All Three are available at once HERE: LINK

And get with GAVRIEL DISCORDIA on Facebook to be added to the Discordia Custom Group.

Saturday, May 19, 2018

#StickerFlix - Ramón Rombos x Andy Warhol

These size A3 Andy Warhol tribute stickers are 5 stencil layers on sticker paper made by Ramón Rombos (Instagram link below)

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Posted by: Dave Combs

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

JANKY - A Kickstarter Examination

This little slice of cute from Huck Gee, Paul Budnitz and a host of Artistic luminaries from around the globe has taken off. And it launched on Kickstarter, which we thing is a really cool thing, and want to see many more Toy Artists making use of.

Why use Kickstarter if your not broke? That is actually the best reason to use Kickstarter. If you dont need the the money then you can start your Goal really really low. Which is exactly what Superplastic has done here. We know even a basic blind box toy run could run around $75,000, and I wont dare take a guess at what this product line, and all the people involved, would add up to. This project was only asking for $25,000, which of course they blew through and hit 400% Goal in the first 24 hours.

This is the tactic we use at Discordia Merchandising in our Project Launches on Kickstarter as well, Even a simple blank DIY toy can run $4,000-5,000 with all the tooling, boxes, and % to Artists. We still refuse to set goals over $3,000. We don't take our Production Development Costs out of the Collectors hands. That's our problem. That's our cost of doing business. And Superplastic isn't making their costs anyone else's problem either.

We hope other creators take this strategy into account, and set up many successful new Projects. I think Kickstarter is a vastly underutilized tool for Creators to make the most of. And the Designer Toy Scene ignores that network at it's peril.


And don't forget to stop by and check out our humble project that went live a week ago: DIY Miss Cupcake XL by Olive47

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Monday, May 14, 2018


DIY Miss Cupcake XL, the new vinyl art toy by Olive47 is live and underway on Kickstarter and Rewards are being added daily! Including Original Miss Cupcake signed by Olive47, Miss Cupcake Tshirts, and Miss Cupcake Enamel Pins!

We also have a range of Completed Customs by Various Artists such as: Boy In The Corner, Serg and Destroy, Jared Circusbear, Crux Delgado, Naptime Noah, and of course Olive47! [Artists Wanted: Fill out the Contact form to apply]

And as you can see in the Photo, all 3 of our Platform Toys are available at one time in a special Reward of their own. All of these toys are set to deliver August or sooner! Just in time for anyone to get these toys, Customize them and get included in the Discordia Custom Show at DCON 2018.


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Saturday, May 12, 2018

#StickerFlix - DUEL x NLC throwie stickers

DUEL x No Love City stickers

DUEL RIS rocked this dope NLC throwie and I vectorized it in Illustrator. Now the stickers are available from No Love City in a 5 pack or 25 pack. Also available as an enamel pin.

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Friday, May 11, 2018

Lava Bear - Glow - by Nathan Hamill

Lava Bear Glow - Limited Edition of  75.

As seen on Star Wars own Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker's t-shirt during his recent appearance on the Big Bang Theory. The design is of course Lava Bear! designed by none other than Mark Hamill's son, Nathan Hamill. Now you can take this freakishly cute 8 inches of rotocast vinyl home with you, watch it glow, and ponder your mortality.


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Wednesday, May 09, 2018

UVD Weekly Wrap Up Ep64 - Toy Cupcakes

The UVD Weekly Wrap Up broke the news about DIY Miss Cupcake XL by Olive47 on their often infrequent, and always informative podcast series on Youtube. 

We like this sort of thing so if you have a blog or podcast going on, feel free to contact us at We provide synergy and perks! : )

Watch or Listen HERE: LINK

And don't forget to check out the plethora of new rewards we have added, including; Finished Customs by Various Artists, T-Shirts, Enamel Pins, and even the opportunity to commission 100 Store Exclusive Colorway DIY Miss Cupcake XL!

Get in on this, Olive47 has a new batch of kittens to feed. : )

DIY Miss Cupcake XL Kickstarter HERE: LINK

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Monday, May 07, 2018

DIY Miss Cupcake XL - PreOrder Begins Now

DIY Miss Cupcake XL
Vinyl Art Toy Platform
Olive47 X Discordia Merchandising

Because who doesn't like cupcakes?

Discordia Merchandising just wont stop making cool toys. Here we are at it again with DIY Miss Cupcake XL - Vinyl Art Toy by Olive47!

We have many Extras in this project including Enamel Pins, T Shirts, the original Miss Cupcake Signed, and you can even pick up all 3 of our DIY Vinyl Toys at once through the " A CUPCAKE, a SPRAY CAN, and a BOXCAT" Reward!

And as always, Never mind the Kickstarter, this is a Pre-Order. This item is already being cast in wax and prepped for the mold process. Projected arrival in 90 days or less!


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