Sunday, October 06, 2019

The Summoners- A Shypoke Studios Designer Resin Art Toy

The Lore of the Summoner

The Summoners are a secret collective who gather in groups of five to  perform sacred rites. When the ritual is performed it ignites the true  essence of their spirit and they become forever ablaze, replacing the  faces of their former selves. We have yet to uncover the truth about  what their ritual entails or the effect it may have on the world.


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Saturday, October 05, 2019

OOP - by Suckadelic

So we finally get to see Sucklord release the item that was teased many, many, years ago and never saw the light of day. Dropping at NYCC only, or if you really know how to blow this guy over the internet, would be my guess.

Anyone who has dared follow my personal FB page know I have an epic, dare I say, legendary hatred for those lame ass, spring necked, beanie babies from the depths of corporate hell. But seeing the damn things all bootlegged up by the toy scenes most notorious pervert brings me nothing but joy.


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Wednesday, October 02, 2019

SCP Foundation Playing Cards v01

DESCRIPTION: SCP Foundation - Playing Card Deck V-01 

Art by KANERES - w/ Special Thanks to: Far2 for the original SCP Logo & The Volgun for the original Object Class Logos. Concept & (Re)Designs by Gavriel Discordia. Produced by Discordia Merchandising and YOU!

Includes: 52 Standard Sized 2.5 x 3.5 inch Poker Style Cards. With 2 'Joker' Cards. In Standard Smooth Full Color printing, packaged in a Custom Box with Matte Finish.


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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Pink Nightmare Squad - Enamel Pins Series 01

Pink Nightmare Squad is celebrating their 10th Anniversary and launching Enamel Pin Series 01 with a set of designs that Keep it Real! This is the first ever enamel pin productions from Pink Nightmare Squad. These designs will be made in limited numbers and may never be produced again!

Pink Nightmare Squad is a project of Discordia Merchandising.


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Friday, September 13, 2019

How To - Payment VS Partnership

As any Creative will tell you there are always moments in your career where you find yourself staring at an email and thinking to yourself. "Fuck you pay me!". 

As a Creative myself, I know what that's like. Exposure doesn't buy food. And there are plenty of memes that will back this fact up.

The flip side to this is when you are a Producer, which I happen to be as well. As any Producer will tell you there are always moments in your career where you find yourself staring at an email and thinking to yourself. "Fuck you partner with me!". 

Of course there are no memes to back up this up whatsoever...

Here is the dilemma we all face. Payment or Partnership. How do we recognize the best opportunity as Creatives going forward? How do we know which opportunity is the right one?

From the Producers viewpoint paying an Artist can be a daunting prospect, and not because of the money. There are two scenarios every Producer faces when developing a new product.

1. I can pay the Artist a few hundred bucks and one of 2 things will happen. A: I cut and run and make a small fortune off them while swiping all their fan base money for a year and feel like a jerk. B: I pay this person and they cut and run and never tell their fan base this new product I developed with them. Which leaves me in the lurch, all invested with no gains, and little incentive to ever work with them again.

2. I can partner with the Artist, get the goods in front of their audience with some Producer/Talent social media synergy, and send the Artist a % of the production run they can flip online, and make way more cash than I could ever have paid them.

This is not to say that there are not risks involved in an Artist Partnering with someone. Many a tale of a Small Advance/Big Percentage deal have developed into a check chasing game ending in a 'get screwed on the back end' scenario of discounted goods and lots of 'breakage'. (All of which can legitimately happen when a product simply doesn't sell well. Not that this will comfort an Artist to tell them either...) This is why I prefer to drop goods on an Artist I partner with so they get their cut of the retail action in their hands and have full control over their incentive. No check chasing involved.

This is all to say that sometimes there are factors to consider that could lead to a bigger pay out for Creatives. Of course this is all just for consideration. Every prospective opportunity needs to be weighed on its own, based on various factors. 

Does the Producer have a track record of product development already? Have they worked with Artists before? Have they developed small runs or large runs? This last question may be the key to figuring out if you are going to screw yourself by taking that 'fuck you pay me' money. If a Producer is super eager to toss a few Franklins your way for a commission, that alone can be a reason to be suspicious. When they then proceed to make ten of thousands on some Giclee Prints of the piece, how is that going to pay the bills for you?

It's a tricky world out there. It's not always like it is in the memes.

Stay Up, Stay Loud, and Stay Nimble.

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Monday, September 09, 2019


In the United States women, on average, make 23% less than men.

And instead of RAISING the prices on goods for women about 23%, like many stores and companies to to add insult to injury, Discordia Culture Shop is doing the opposite!

Women can now get 23% off their order on (most) items from


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Sunday, August 11, 2019

HUNGRY BOI GOJI - Designer Vinyl Toy

You know we love Kickstarter and the opportunities it provides creators to recoup initial expenses for a project and expose their works to new fans.

So check out this cuteness by KID TARO STUDIO!


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Sunday, July 28, 2019

WOLFGANG - by Joe Ledbetter

"Wolfgang is a bit of a love letter to these legends who have inspired me to draw (and keep drawing) since childhood. This project was insanely challenging and couldn’t have been possible without the expertise and skills of @bigshottoyworks and @davebondiart - Wolfgang is now available and shipping." -Joe Ledbetter


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Thursday, July 25, 2019

SCP Foundation - Stretch Goal Level 2

STRETCH GOAL #2 The "Senor Purple" Black and Glitter enamel pin! Developed by anomalous being SCP-1463 a humanoid appearing robot that turns any objects purple upon contact. Turns out it does have a useful purpose after all. 

This pin will be made available for Pre-Order when Goal hits $700 so SHARE THIS PROJECT on social media before this Kickstarter or Local Universal Node comes to an end!



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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Lazertronic Sticker Packs - by The Sucklord

One set of Twelve LAZERTRONIC Sticker Cards. Based on a collection of classic SUCKADELIC characters, each image is printed on a heavy card of "Zapping" metallic foil. Each card has a peel away film to reveal an adhesive back for Sticking!

Designed by Famous Pop Artist THE SUPER SUCKLORD


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Saturday, July 20, 2019

KUB - by Mike Fudge - from UVD Toys

We are excited to announce we will be offering pre-orders for Mike Fudge's long awaited Kub vinyl figure! We have been working on this project for a very long time. We first revealed the figure at Designer Con 2017 and after some set backs with the project, we finally moved into production earlier this year. The figure came out amazing so the set backs were worth the wait!

The OG edition of the 7" vinyl figure will be limited to just 150 pieces world wide and available for $75 each. Pre-order's will begin Wednesday July 24th at Noon EST with delivery scheduled for in Fall 2019. To reserve yours before they are gone make sure to drop by.


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Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Call To Artists - Underground Blend Sticker Packs Vol 14

Underground Blend Sticker Pack Series is now collecting for Volume 14! This is the longest running Street Sticker Artist Pack Series ever. And we are inviting YOU to take part.

Only 7 Vinyl Sticker Artists will be Selected. Email:


Past Volumes have included the Following Artists: OBEY - Urban Medium - MCA - RAW INC - SSOSVA - BEAS - Jupey - RXSKULLS - Urban Vinyl Daily - Playful Gorilla - ILOVETU - ARTIFICIAL - STELLECONFUSE - Ban Comic Sans - Pink Nightmare Squad - FACTORY SAMPLE - Psychological Industries - Glue Squad - Sticker Vault - BIOEM - Jice One - EMDUB - Neon Seven - Mizna Wada - SLADGE - Jon the Underground - Apology Girl - and many more!


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Tuesday, July 16, 2019

YIKES CAT - The Sofubi Vinyl Toy

Hello! My name is Gabrielle Kash and I am an animator and illustrator based in Brooklyn NY. I have always loved cats and I love drawing cats. I have wanted to make a vinyl figure for years and after tabling at Five Points Fest in early June I decided to take the plunge. I recently completed a successful Kickstarter for the Weird Cat Tarot so this is not my first time crowd funding.

Yikes! The Cat is a little guy I've been drawing for a while. He's a hell raiser that is cooler than cool. He is also very positive and sweet.


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Monday, July 15, 2019

SCP Logo Enamel Pins - Rainbow Edition

Nobody asked for it, but you're getting it anyway! Rainbow style SCP enamel pins developed with the Electro-Chemical process known as Anodizing. In 2 styles, All Rainbow, and Rainbow with Black Gloss fills. 

All it will take is hitting a $500 Stretch Goal to make these a reality. Just pledge for any level Rewards and Share away!


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Thursday, July 11, 2019

WolvieMuerto and IronMayan by Urban Aztec

"So stoked to finally reveal the new project with Sideshow Collectibles and Unruly Industries please welcome the official Urban Aztec #Wolverine and #Ironman designs aka WolvieMuerto and IronMayan officially licensed with Marvel

Looking forward to showing you the rest of the designs! They will be on display at SDCC 2019 and going up for pre-order next week!

As a lifelong comic book fan, this right here is a dream come true!" - Jesse Hernandez AKA Urban Aztec


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Tuesday, July 09, 2019

SCP Foundation - Enamel Pin Series 002

Discordia Merchandising is back with the second wave of the very popular SCP Foundation enamel pins. This time the series is being launched on Kickstarter for immediate pre-order. This marks the 8th Project for Discordia Merchandising after DIY Spray Can, DIY BOXCAT, and the Carded Enamel Pins: Heavy Metal Wookie by IBREAKTOYS and Mario Trooper by Playful Gorilla.

These pins will be pre-sold in very limited numbers and any remaining stock will be released on Populous Ephemera after the 30 day Presale ends. The colorways include a set of 3 Glow In The Dark pins and all new Classy Versions Gold and Silver with black enamel fills. And a reissue of the Series 001 Raw Iron version. Unpainted with exposed metal for a raw, rustic, look. Or for custom painting by those who want a completely original pin.


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PS: If you are not hip to SCP yet, it is basically a super awesome user generated archive of sci-fi high-weirdness. The X-Files and The Fringe have nothing on this. Thousands of Objects are archive for endless review. That is if you meet the Security Clearance requisites, otherwise expect to be Secured Contained and Protected yourself!


Friday, July 05, 2019

Darth Vaporwave - by Nekosatsu Toys

Darth Vaporwave - by Nekosatsu Toys

A Discordia Culture Shop Exclusive

Limited Run of 17.

Vaporwave - Something surreal yet strangely recognizable through an eerie sense of nostalgia as if summoning the long since past ghost of 80’s and 90’s Popular Culture.

“Its own meditative headspace through the careful accretion of de-familiarized memory triggers.” - Johnathon Dean


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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Designer Toys R Us - Enamel Pins

They shut down. We get stronger.
Support Independent Artists with this redesigned tribute to our favorite fallen big box toy store. 

Designed by Playful Gorilla
Produced by Discordia Merchandising


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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Mario Trooper Pins Toys and More - Final Days

The Final Days are well under way to pre-order some of this sweet goodness. Playful Gorilla and Discordia Merchandising are preparing to ship out immediate Rewards to any Designer Toys R Us enamel pins which arrived in the middle of this Projects 30 days.


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Saturday, June 08, 2019

Sharpie Saturday with Mr Mars

Every Saturday Mr Mars Studios drops a hand embellished, one of a kind, Custom Toy for bid on his Instagram. This is the only way to get one of these Handstyle Customs from Mr Mars. All bids are made in $5 increments directly in the comments section of each post, every Saturday.

This week it is a 400% Bearbrick stating at only $50.


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Monday, May 20, 2019

TEQ The Breakout - Edition 003 - Quiccs X The JFO

Coming to I AM RETRO in an Edition of 12 on May 24th 2019.

TEQ The Breakout is the 3rd Edition Colorway in this series of laser cut Acrylic wall mountable 3D art developed by Martian Toys and Manufactured by The JFO aka Made by Forbes.

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Sunday, May 19, 2019

Mario Trooper Carded Enamel Pin Kickstarter - Now Live

Playful Gorilla and Discordia Merchandising have launched a Kickstarter you should really check out. It has Enamel Pins in Action Figure Packaging, DIY Resin Figures, and even a chance to own the Original 26 inch Mario Trooper Sculpture!

There are lots of Exclusives and Extras to this project so have a look for yourself before you pass by this opportunity to grab something rare. The Bonus DESIGNER TOYS R US enamel pins also a nice touch...

Why so many Kickstarter projects? Because they are fun. It's not about the needing the money. Get over that stigma and join the community of creators today. Support some projects and launch one of your own. It is a venue of exposure and support for independent creatives that is not to be ignored. It really is a beautiful place.



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