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Sacred CHAO t-shirts - from Discordia Merchandising

The Sacred Chao is not the Yin-Yang of the Taoists. It is the HODGE-PODGE of the Erisians. And, instead of a Podge spot on the Hodge side, it has a PENTAGON which symbolizes the ANERISTIC PRINCIPLE, and instead of a Hodge spot on the Podge side, it depicts the GOLDEN APPLE OF DISCORD to symbolize the ERISTIC PRINCIPLE. 

Whatever this actually means is anyone's guess. To find out more about Discordianism don't look on the internet.

A Discordian T-Shirt from Discordia Merchandising and available exclusively from Populous Ephemera. In Unisex and Ladies styles.


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DTAs - VOTING OPEN and Gavriel Discordia's Wish List

Clutter Magazine is putting on the 7th Annual Designer Toy Awards at the New 5 Point Festival.

In the Running this year are the following Artists: Uamou, Horrible Adorables, Jaun Muniz, The Bots, MJ Hsu, Cat Atomic, Quiccs, Map-Map, Charles Rodriguez, Colus, God Machine, Trap Toys, James Groman, Jason Freeny, Otto Bjornik, Tracy Tubera, Lana Crooks, Kyle Kirwan, 2PetalRose, Candie Bolton, RX Seven, Dolly Oblong, and all the stalwarts of the scene that populate theses lists perpetually.

So whats the Drama with the DTAs this year? Probably the same as the last 6 years. Same old names year after year would be one of them. And as usual tons of amazing things never made the list. 

I can only speak for my experience as a toy blogger coming off a year+ Guest Blogging stint on Tenacious Ninja and as Owner of Discordia Culture Shop, which means I am privy to A LOT of Toy Artists. So Ill just list what I see missing.

KKAMoxo - MOO - Best Sofubi [What the hell people?]
TopzToy - SpiderTrooper - Best Resin
BoyInTheCorner - Pick Something - Break-Through Artist [Are you f'n kidding me?]
MrMarsStudios - Kandy Bombers or Mr Krispy - Best Mini-Series or Break-Through Artist
Patrick Wong - ST1200 - Toy of the Year
MujuWorld - Pick Something - Artist of the Year or Life Time Achievement
Killer Bootlegs - Masterpiece Raoul Duke - Best Non-Licensed
Gabriel Dishaw - Pick Something - Break-Through Artist
Hip Hop Trooper - Escape of the Hip Hop Trooper - Toy of the Year
Andres Zamora - DIY Toy Collection - Best Collection [My all time fave category Rarely Used!]
Eagon - False Omen (4.5 foot tall) - Best Non-Licensed
KaNO - 24 Inch Hi-Def - Best Resin
Clutter Studios - Life Time Achievement [Seriously, they deserve it for two reasons, doing what no one else has the guts to do, and taking sh*t for it and not quitting.]

Rato Kim - BreadCat - This was the only one on my wish list who made it in, receiving both Best Resin and Toy of the Year. And well deserved the Nomination was. Note: the BreadCat is only one of a line of toys based on the BOXCAT Platform. I can't get enough of this. Rato Kim rocks.

What would I change about the DTAs if it was up to me? More Public influence. 

Having what appears to be a Committee list of mostly Toy Artists, and Blog/Store/Company owners who select the Finalists, [who are often themselves] and then vote on MOST of the categories without the public, seems odd to me. I would definitely let the Public Nominate, elect Finalist and vote on most of the Categories. But that's just me.

Drama and Opinions aside, it is what it is and its time to go vote for what you can that made the Finalist lists.

Follow this Link to Vote: LINK

Jack of the Dust is F*cking Epic

From the Description of the item pictured here:

- This sculpture was created by the skull lord himself Mr Andrew Richard Firth
- Hand made in Australia with over 50 individually molded pieces
- Can be flat laid or wall mounted by hanging it off a screw.
- This replica skull was moulded from a real human skull specimen.
- Because each skull is handmade it may vary from the one
pictured. While I try to minimize the variants from piece to piece, it
is a natural part of the handmade process, no two skulls will ever be the same.




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The Ghost of Kurosawa - 43 Locusts - by FLABSLAB and Quiccs

Almost a year in the making, we're finally ready with the second edition of The Ghost of Kurosawa, featuring the 43 Locusts Division.

Edition of 43
Resin cast
Approx. 10.5" tall
Comes with an exclusive dog tag only available with the 43 Locusts

Quiccs and Flab Slab made this happen.


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Vizzini Has A Cabal - Vinyl Sticker 3 Pack

A Mash-up sticker pack.

Inspired by the classic film "The Princess Bride". Street Sticker style tribute with a respectful nod to the 'Andre the Giant' sticker campaign from OBEY.

Set of 3 3x3 inch, 7.62cmX7.26cm
High-Quality Silk-Screened Vinyl Stickers


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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

DinoGrenade - By Ron English

Ron English "Dinogrenade"

Dinogrenade: the Missing Link in the Evolution of Destruction!
As man creates the machine, it evolves beyond him, someday reducing mankind to a distant digital glitch in the machine's own creation story.

Dinogrenade stands 4 inches tall and 8 inches long.


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Monday, April 24, 2017

Canned Haminal - by Crystal Chesney Thompson

To spread joy to Ham fans world wide.

Ever wonder where Canned Ham comes from and noticed that a regular sized pig cannot fit into a can? Look no further! Haminal is the condensed cuteness of a guinea PIG, HAMster and a traditional ham. 

He is smaller, tastier, boneless and conveniently can shaped!

This adorable pink plush comes in a plastic stackable can, with updated fun recipes, nutritional facts and more!! 


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20 Inch Dragon King Sneak Peak - by KaNO

@kanokid says: Flow like a butterfly, torch like a dragon! kaNO x @toyqube collaborating on this 20" Dragon King.


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Kalvin and Durden - Unisex T - by Discordia Merchandising

With mad love and respect to Bill Watterson for the childhood memories and Chuck Palaniuk for the teenage dreams.


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Sunday, April 23, 2017