Friday, July 24, 2020


I’m already Dead!!!

Blood Splatter edition dropping this Friday 7/24 at 12pm EST(New York)/9am PST (Los Angeles) price per Blood Splatter will be $65 and gets FREE Shipping within the US! Edition of only 100 so don’t sleep.

Along with “I’m already Dead” we will be featuring an entire capsule from @junkyardla with lots of cool merch and art.

Junkyard collection dropping at the source 

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Saturday, July 04, 2020


The Suckadelic Stoopid Stickers Preorder Event is going very well. It serves as an example of the power of Kickstarter. Discordia Merchandising could have just made a sticker run of Sucklord stickers and be done with it. But through Kickstarter the public is given the opportunity to dictate the development of the project far beyond the production of a simple sticker run.

Through their Pledge power we are going to have to produce a double run of Suckadelic Stoopid Stickers in Pink AND Purple! Both colorways will be available in very limited volumes to a select pool of PreOrder Clients. Along with all the additional items they opened in stretch goals such as Tshirts, Coffee Mugs, and other Event Exclusive items never to be seen again!

Again, we at Discordia Merchandising want to emphasis that Kickstarter is a boon to creators for providing the opportunity to truly gauge the public's response to their work and raise the scale of their output to levels they didn't know could be possible.

Check out all our projects to see great examples of how Kickstarter can be utilized to great advantage for even the smallest of productions. From Vinyl Stickers to DIY Toy launches Discordia Merchandising has proven that even a small company with little resources can pull of some amazing things at a scale we could never have managed in the same time frame on our own.

Study our process, and take a look at our How To Guide on Kickstarter Here: LINK

Then get cracking on your own projects and see how far they can really go!

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PS: Don't be shy about asking for assistance with your project. We would love to help.

Thursday, June 18, 2020


Welcome to SUCKADELIC Stoopid Stickers! An Exclusive, Limited Run, PreOrder Event. From The Super Sucklord and Discordia Merchandising.

Step right up and empty your wallets on some of this fine-ass paraphernalia. Super rare, elicit goods sure to increase in value for years to come. You know the hustle. 
This Limited Event runs only 23 Days so stop hating and start instigating!


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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Buff Monster Prints for BLM

After watching the sweeping protests around the world, I was inspired and optimistic that real progress would be made. Justice won’t happen overnight, but the recent shooting of Rayshard Brooks by police shows just how far we still have to go.
This Friday, Juneteenth, I’ll be releasing a new print. In this ever-divisive and unprecedented time, an optimistic character championing love and togetherness, in bright colors, is just what we need. I’ve taken some old sold-out prints (including some from as long ago as 2009) and cut them down, spray-painted them and silkscreened them. There is so much variation in them; they’re all unique! Each one is 9 x 12” and will come signed and numbered.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the BlackLives Matter organization.

When I’ve released similar prints in the past, they’ve all sold out in a minute or two. So in an effort to give more collectors a chance to get one, and to raise more money for the cause, this will be a timed edition. So starting at 10am EST Friday, you’ll have 3 hours to get your order in. The edition size will be determined by how many prints are ordered in that time.
Get yours Friday at 10am-1pm EST for $120 each (+S/H) at

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Saturday, May 23, 2020

HOPToys Presents - Mis-Fits INVASION

HOP Toys is currently launching the first wave of M.U.S.C.L.E or Keshi style mini figures, on blister cards, based on classic movie monsters. Monsters that have seldom if ever seem the light of day in toy form. Lost treasures from last centuries cult horror films. We can't wait to see the end result, and whats coming in series 002!


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Friday, May 22, 2020

SCP Logo Pins - Round 3

The SCP Foundation is the coolest Sci-Fi/Horror writers community online. And it is entirely in Creative Commons 3.0.

This means it is 100% free to expand upon and develop new works to add to this vast multiverse of endless tales and files of anomalous artifacts and individuals. [This doesn't mean you can go crazy and start stealing whatever you want and trying to trade mark and copyright it all. Because you will have an army of angry nerds and international copyright lawyers with unlimited funding haunting you into an early grave.]

And stop being scared of Kickstarter! Its been less than 24 hours since we even thought of doing this Pre-Order Event and we build it, launched it, and already hit goal. I could have made this a 24 hour project and I might just do that next time. As long as you are not asking for tens of thousands of dollars and you are not inventing something complicated out of the blue with no track record of getting things done before you will do fine! Just don't be greedy and don't be stupid. NOW GO!

Learn More about Creative Commons HERE: LINK

Learn more about the SCP Foundation HERE: LINK

And pick up some of the best selling, twice sold out editions of the SCP Logo in Enamel Pin form being reissued by Discordia Merchandising HERE: LINK

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Thursday, May 21, 2020


Underground Blend is the longest running Street Sticker Pack Series in existence! Through Special arrangement with various artists worldwide, if you have Vinyl Stickers you are welcome to join! Event pages are maintained via Facebook here: LINK

For very modest fees you can own these Limited Edition Packs for your Street Sticker Collection today! 


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Monday, May 11, 2020

Yes. Yes You Are Toys

Let me tell you a little story...

Several years ago Task One was commissioned to make a custom toy based on a concept I had utilizing the Love Bomb platform from Mighty Jaxx, by PHUNK. For which he was to sell this custom and only kickback $100 to me, after the sale. (Mighty Jaxx is no saint either, but thats for another time.)

I had a vision, and just wanted to see it realized in the hopes that this vision would get a nomination from the Clutter Awards, because it was that cool, it probably would have, as it was a beautiful celebration of the Designer Toy Scene.

This project included over a dozen additional toys of various sizes. Over 3 years the project went off the rails when Task just decided to do whatever the fuck he wanted with the project which was basically the exact opposite of what I was going for.

My vision had been subverted into something ugly and destructive. Not the happy, fun, lovely celebration I had originally conceived of.

So I simply denounced the project, told him to remove my name from it, and do what he wanted with the custom. Requesting the $100 originally agreed to and all the unused toys returned, including a jumbo Nade Blank by Jamungo.

After some petty bitching the $100 arrived and none of the remaining toys.

Admittedly, I was even warned against Task One by others and gave him the benefit of the doubt anyway. He proved worth of his shitty rep.

So why open up about this now?

That is a good question. Here is why: One of his buddies reached out to me about another custom job in late 2018 and ripped me off too. Here is how that went.

A client ordered a Firestarter by Harma Keikens. It was shattered in the box and I put out an open call on Social Media for a custom toy artist to rebuild it for the client, which the client was very excited about.

I received a message from an artist who was willing to do the job, in his exact words for: "No charge". He just seemed happy to get a chance to work on this unique piece of art. I promised him some free blanks to work on etc, when the job was done. To which he replied, "...I wont say no."

In early 2019 he requested some Magic Sculpt which i happily bought and shipped to him directly. Come March 2020 I inquire about the work, and the artist claims it is finished, provides no photos, and that I owe him $150.

I remind him of the 'No Charge' agreement and offer him some goods from Discordia Culture Shop. He says "I don't want any toys", I remind him we have DIY Blanks and he can have all he needs. He replied that he wasn't going to make a big deal out of it and that he would ship the item to me immediately.

Since then this artist has shut down his website, and stopped using all his social media accounts, minus the ones he blocked me on, which I can't see anymore.

But then I notice something on this artists Instagram account... a photo of a booth at DCON. A 'We Are Not Toys' booth, with this artists work on display in 2018.

Guess who runs the ironically named 'We Are Not Toys' collective? That's right, Toy, Task One.

So it appears that Gabe Rivas aka Nerviswrek had planned to rip me off from the start. Likely at the behest of his buddy Task One. Task One is a shit talker, so I have little doubt that Gabe Rivas had not heard some bullshit about our deal-gone-bad already. (My sympathies to anyone else unfortunate enough to have taken part in the 'We Are Not Toys' thing. To all of you I say; pick better friends.)

So I can only end this tale by saying; Don't fuck with toy ass con artists like Task One and Nerviswrek.

Blogged by: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia


I sat on this tale for several years now, fighting the urge to go public with it. I even sought the council of a more prominent toy blogger who said it wasn't worth it, because 'People Talk' and justice will come around. The thinking goes that the scene is better off without such drama going public.

I tend to disagree, as I feel it is the duty of those few of us in the Designer Toy Scene who choose to be purveyors of news about the scene to tell the public when something is amiss. After all, how can we trusted sources of information if we gloss over serious offenses such as these. I vow to never sit on such happenings again. In fact if you have documentation of similar wrong doings in the Designer Toy Scene, email Underground Blend.

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

iBoy - retro toy figure from Classicbot

Remember when the iconic MP3 players first came out, and we were so excited about carrying a thousand songs in our pocket? Here is a toy figure that will make you feel nostalgic about that time.

Say hello to iBoy!

iBoy does not play music, but looks ready to be case modded to do exactly that! Let us know if you pull this off and we will blog about it here! -Ed.


PS: You can also get the Original Classicbot figure HERE: LINK

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Friday, March 20, 2020

BOBA - Holiday Special Edition - PreOrder Event

Fifth edition in the series, BOBA is back in a Holiday Special colorway. Standing 9.5" tall and rotocast in resin. No word on the Edition Size as its probably set by how many orders are taken. We dont know. This colorway is based on the terrible cash grabby Holiday Special that featured an animated section with a Boba Fett appearance, which was actually his first appearance prior to The Empire Strikes Back.


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Friday, March 13, 2020

SSOSVA X UTOPIA - by Psychological Industries

The Welcome To Your Utopia campaign meets the Secret Society of Super Villain Artists!

S.S.O.S.V.A. X UTOPIA in Green on Unisex Gildan Ultra Cotton Black T-Shirt. Front printing in sizes S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL,4XL,5XL Detournement by


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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

SLASHTHESLAPS - Sticker Liquidation Sale

Discordia Culture Shop has been in the Sticker Business for over a decade. So they have a huge selection of Designer Stickers including Psychological Industries, Pink Nightmare Squad, RX SKULLS, Buff Monster, Join the Much, Sticker Robot, and of course, is the exclusive source of all Underground Blend Sticker Packs featuring Vinyls from the entire international sticker art scene!

Unfortunately the weight of all these sticker packs is costing them copious amounts of jet fuel in their Floating Fortress of Designer Doom hovering over the Rocky Mountain range. They have to go. And their loss is your gain.

So hurry up and buy some sticker packs before they toss them all into the Yosemite area super volcano and destroy 2/3rds of the United States in a molten cataclysm of hellfire paving the way for the rise of a society of talking spider monkeys and killer robots who will scour the earth with the Great Monkey Robot War that will last 1000 years!


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Tuesday, March 03, 2020


Enamel Pins are everywhere these days. Maybe you want to flood the market and devalue all the enamel pins out there hastening the collapse of the market? Well here is the Underground Blend Guide to doing just that without being a tacky beotch!

1. NO you don't need to make everything into an enamel pin. If you are looking to make a quick buck off that thing the kids are all saying these days, they wont be saying it by the time you get your pins made, and they will no doubt make fun of you for being so 'last week' with that sad old shit. Just fuck off and do something else.

2. Make one design and have it filled with various color themes. Think 'Sunset', or 'Monotone', or maybe even 'Iron Man' style. This is called Colorways. It can allow you to make as few as 25 of each colorway, in a 200 pin run, and have more to offer with every Design you launch.

3. 'Hard Enamel' is garbage. No seriously, its trash, most factories substitute bad enamel for the good stuff when making 'Hard Enamel' pins. So they wont be a higher quality pin whatsoever. There is nothing 'Hard' about 'Hard Enamel' just like there is nothing 'Soft' about 'Soft Enamel'. These terms mean little to nothing other than how Filled your pins sunken areas will be. In fact 'Soft Enamel' will not only look better because of the way it catches the light in the corners of the design, your pin order will overall weight alot less! This will cut the shipping costs for you because enamel pins are heavy enough already.

4. Glow in the Dark pins MUST HAVE Epoxy Coating added on top! Glow Fills are sandy, rough, dry, and porous. Get Epoxy Coating added to these pins or they will collect dirt and stains on the surface. The Epoxy Coating also helps the Glow effect by gathering more light and shining brighter and more evenly when Glowing. Its true, we have made pins with and without Epoxy Coating and the difference is very noticeable. 

5. Get at least 2 Backing Posts for any pin you have made no matter the size. Without 2 Posts pins can spin and be really annoying. A single Posts are often placed in the middle of the pin back, which is hit or miss and results in pins with a Post below center causing the pin to flip upside down! We own pins that do this. It's horrible. Those pins are useless.

6. STOP MAKING LARGE PINS! Enamel Pins are supposed to be light, elegant, charming little devices. Making pins that are 2x2 inches and weight a ton, results in enamel pins that are unwearable beyond a heavy leather biker jacket. And those hep cats like patches! (beards get caught on the pins) So you're making of a massive heavy pin is a lost cause outside of pinning them to black velvet and putting them in small frames before selling them.

7. Use Wizard Pins. They are extremely professional and strive to get your order right the first time. We have utilized a dozen different factories, go betweens, and random buddies. We use Wizard Pins and never look back. "But I can go straight to a factory and get a cheaper price" you may squeal with glee. Cool for you. We like the ease of communication which Wizard Pins which provides confidence that the order will be correct with no language issues. And when something goes wrong with an order we don't have to worry about a factory thousands of miles away ghosting us with no regard for their reputation. If these things mean anything to you, we suggest you try Wizard Pins out. And NO they didn't pay us a dime to say this.

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PS: The pin in the photo can be Bought Here: LINK

Thursday, February 27, 2020

EVEN MORE SCP Foundation Vinyl Sticker Sets

After a very fruitful SCP Foundation sticker project HERE: LINK, Discordia Merchandising is back with a second PreOrder Event with even more SCP Vinyl Stickers! 

This time its M.T.F. Logos, a massive number of SCP logo variations, and much more high weirdness with some very slick design work. All in Creative Commons 3.0.

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Monday, February 24, 2020

Master 9 Eyes: Designer Art Toy

PureArts design studio and artist Daytoner collaborate to bring an epic figurine character design to life : Master 9 Eyes. A vinyl art toy you can pre-order on Kickstarter.


Thursday, February 20, 2020

Balloon Boy - Designer Art Toy by Flawtoys

Balloon Boy is a bust figure (head and upper torso) derived from a Stranger. The idea of making a bust from Stranger has been in my mind for a long time and the moment has finally arrived to make it available to the world.

Balloon Boy will be issued in a limited, signed edition and available only through Kickstarter.


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Monday, February 17, 2020

Thaumiel Coffee Co - The New Website Launch is the new SCP Foundation themed website to showcase SCP goods available from Populous Ephemera.

The SCP Foundation is a scifi/horror writers community entirely in Creative Commons. And so is this website and all the SCP goods and designs contained within.

What does this all mean? Creative Commons is a copyright replacement system that allows for SOME use by others for redistribution in new forms. Sometimes for a profit, and sometimes not. It all depends on how much creative freedom the creator wants to grant to the public. Maybe you just want to let the developing world nations do whatever they want with your work because you will never market yourself in those random nations. There is a license for that too.

Art and Culture are an ongoing conversation that humanity has with itself. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Culture always builds upon the past. Standard Copyright can be a burdensome roadblock that stifles creativity and innovation.Creative Commons changes all that for the better.




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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Designer Toy Registry Cards

An Exclusive from Discordia Culture Shop
Keep track of your purchase data and preserve the history of your collection as they trade hands and circle the globe for posterity. 

These cards come Free with all Designer Toys from Discordia Culture Shop. We are also listing them here in bulk volumes so all your other designer toys can be properly archived as well.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

SCP Foundation - 2020 Vinyl Sticker Sets - MAKE 100

Discordia Merchandising brings yet another SCP Foundation production to Kickstarter. A MAKE 100 project that runs only 23 days.

This time SCP Foundation Vinyl Sticker Sets. High-Quality Silk-Screened Outdoor Ready Vinyl Stickers. In two Assortment packs. In Limited Edition of ONLY 100 Each.

Goal was made in only 16 hours, so there is no reason to wait on your PreOrder.

As a bonus we have already initiated full production so these will be reaching everyone way ahead of the projected schedule on the project page.

Bonus Bundle items include Enamel Pins and additional Stickers.


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Tuesday, January 21, 2020


The limited-edition delightfully drippy Deadpool: One-Scoops designer collectible toy by artist Erik Scoggan captures Wade Wilson’s undeniable charm in perfect cone-dition.

Limited Edition of 500

By Unruly Industries


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Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Belly - Designer Vinyl Figure - on Kickstarter

Join two Canadians as they follow their dream of one day creating a Designer Toy that would bring joy to Fans and Collectors around the WORLD!
Designed by Richie Pile of Madcap Customs
Brought to life by Jayden Green of Tribute Toys

Online Here: LINK

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Friday, December 27, 2019


That's right, we are back from our post Krampus Day, drunken holiday coma! We have been grinching out over at the Discordia Culture Shop HQ, only taking the time to check in with the rest of humanity to keep score on those trampled holiday shoppers, because that's HOW WE ROLL!

We are on the case ready to relieve you of some of that Xmas Cash with an End of the Year sale on our copious stock of DIY BOXCAT GLOW IN THE DARK with a 2 FOR THE PRICE OF 1 SALE!

Get them while you can! We have limited this Sale to only 10 available SET OF 2 for Immediate Purchase!


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Tuesday, December 17, 2019

SMASH - Brown Edition - By Joe Ledbetter

SMASH - Brown Edition - By Joe Ledbetter

From the creative mind of Joe Ledbetter comes one of the most highly-anticipated vinyl figures, Smash! With his angular design and colorful palette, Ledbetter remains on top as one of the most sought-after artists in the Designer genre. This special 7-inch tall Brown edition is limited to only 1500 pieces worldwide.

From Joe Ledbetter, this 7" vinyl gorilla figure from toy2r is one of the most talked about figures for 2008, this brown edition was taken directly from Ledbetter's artwork. Articulated and massive, this one is not to be missed. It is window boxed for your protection. 

A Warehouse Find from Discordia Culture Shop


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