Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards are excited to announce the first colorway release of the epic Huck Gee – SKLFKR:UNTOUCHED!!

Standing at 20 inches tall... TWENTY INCHES (24 to the top of the axe), this beast of skull-laden, robotic awesomeness, is set to make its international debut in the market this FRIDAY, July 28th!

Produced in an all white (Untouched) version – not specifically a DIY, more of an unpainted beauty –  it has 11 points of articulation, a detachable axe, and a face that opens to reveal a driver's seat! That said, it does make a great canvas, so we are super excited to see some amazing custom pieces.

We partnered with 3D experts Cubo to make this gigantic work of robotic art. Cubo 3D sculpted, rendered and printed this mighty beast. Not only that, they engineered and constructed a series of 3D printed custom rubber gaskets in order to make it plug together and give it 11 points of articulation!!

Hand poured and assembled in New York at Clutter Studios, this mecha-colossus is produced in a mixture of solid and rotocast white resin.

Now for the numbers:

You can secure your copy of this epic piece this week! Releasing for PRE-ORDER Friday, July 28th, at 12 est (noon) on, Priced at just $300 per piece, pre-orders will be taken for one week, until Friday, Aug 4th.

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Rato Kim Keeps the BOXCAT Derivatives Coming

Rato Kim keeps dropping her signature handmade platform BOXCAT in various forms. Pictured is the 'Summer Limited Edition BOXCAT No1' aka 'HANA-BI CAT'. Already Sold Out I'd wager as most of her handmade toys do instantly. These days most are sold by lottery.

And Yes, there is also a Sofubi [Sofvi] Breatcat Platform developed by UnBox Industries out there as well. Those seem to be an Open Edition at a lower price point and some versions can be FOUND HERE: LINK

Rato Kim just cant keep up with the demand for her toys, so help is on THE way... Stay Tuned!

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Monday, July 24, 2017

Crystal Morey is F*cking Epic

Crystal Morey hand creates amazing, mostly NSFW, sculptures of fanciful mergers between animal and human female forms. And yes they truly are Fucking Epic! Dont hesitate to check these wonderful works out for yourself.



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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sticker Special - Black and Yellow ink on White Vinyl

123Stickers current Special Color Offer is now live. This time Yellow and Black ink Silk-Screened on White Vinyl. Pick a shape, pick a volume and get your design(s) in ASAP.

20 sizes / shapes to choose from
250-1000 quantity
Black and Yellow ink on 3.25 mil white vinyl

3-5 Years outdoor use
Prices from $38 plus shipping


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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

DIY Spray Can - Retail Available

Kickstarter Pre-Order is done. The first wave of DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toys from Discordia Merchandising is being pulled at the factory this month and should begin reaching Supporters mid August.

In the meantime we have opened Retail Pre-Orders for the remaining 23 Units from the initial first run of 250.


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017


So here we are now in our final 7 days! We made goal in only 9 days, all Reward Discounts are Locked In, and assured. SO if you were waiting to see if we made goal before jumping in, now is the time!

Wholesale Cases of 9 are available. Designer Toy Retailers, as well as Graffiti Supply shops will want to stock the DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy, and indeed some already have! We also look forward to seeing which Gallery will launch the first Custom Toy Art Show with this new Platform.


We have teamed up with 10 Custom Toy Artists to offer their first Customized versions of the new DIY Spray Can platform! Each Artist will be receiving the majority of the various asking prices, that each artist set themselves.


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Thursday, July 06, 2017

Carson Catlin - Custom Spray Can Reward

CARSON CATLIN has joined the DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy - Kickstarter Pre-Order!

We are thrilled to have such a cool artist with such a notable, unique style join in this project.

We can't wait to see what he does with this new DIY Platform Toy.
And he has offered to Customize up to 5 DIY Spray Cans for only $160 each! How cool is that?!?!


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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

DIY Spray Can Kickstarter - GOAL FUNDED


Thanks to all our Supporters and Artists Involved. YOU did this. This is YOUR victory.

100% Goal is just the start. We are not done yet. Stretch Goals are still on the table. We have whole other DIY Platform Toys to jump start. A mystery Designer Toy Nominee has a platform in development, and we can't wait to go public with this one!

Also check out the long list of Designer Toy Artists offering Customs developed on this new platform now including PLAYFUL GORILLA and NAPTIME NOAH. AND we have increased some volumes at the Custom Toy Artists request. So if a Custom Artists Reward was sold out before, you may have a second chance to acquire a Custom at this point.

So visit the Kickstarter Pre-Order project page to make a pledge, or up your pledge and message us about the extra items you want. 

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Saturday, June 24, 2017

DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy - Supporter UPDATE

DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy - Kickstarter Pre-Order is over 90% Goal!

Now keep in mind that when we reach 200%-300% there will be 2 entirely different DIY platforms offered through this same Kickstarter. So this is far from over, especially since we still have 23 more days to go.

And since this would go nowhere without our Pre-Order Supporters, we want to take this opportunity to thank some of them right here, and give them the props they are due.

Dave Combs of PEEL - Nate Mitchell of Squid Kids Ink - George Gaspar of DoubleG Toys - Eagon Logan Siahaan - Kjelshus Collins - Taylor Poole - Ben Goretsky of 3D Retro - Taylored Curiosities - Dov of DKETOYS - Aaron Hulsizer of Mothership Gallery - COLUS - Otis Arterberry - Phil Foss of TOYTOYS - Micheal Bowers - Joe Schubert - Mako Fufu - Nathan Flores - and many more!

And we have to say, having this kind of list of Supporters is mind blowing to us. We had no idea so many cool artists and Designer Toy scene insiders would even be minding Discordia Merchandising and what we do. So it is an absolute honor and a total validation of what we are up to and gives us a real boost of confidence as we move forward in the future. Absolute gratitude and respect to you all.


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Friday, June 23, 2017

DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy - Artist Custom Rewards Vol 02

The DIY Spray Can Vinyl Toy - Kickstarter Pre-Order now has the first wave of Artist Custom Reward Tiers up for Grabs! Featuring: BLAQLION3, JCORP,  and BOY IN THE CORNER.

These Artists will be getting first shot at customizing this new DIY platform.
To join their ranks email: to request inclusion. 


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