Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Secret Pre-Order Landing MAY the 4TH

All we can tell you at this juncture is that a Grail Piece of epic proportions is on the way from Far Far Away...

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Monday, April 01, 2019

Minksy Set - by Jeffrey Gillette

Minksy Set - by Jeffrey Gillette 

Artist Jeffrey Gillette has custom made dollar bill artwork for the release of his toy, each piece is signed. There are two different versions made, at 50pcs each for a total of 100pcs.


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Sunday, March 31, 2019

Buckeye Rot - by Sket-One

Buckeye Rot - Standard Red version

Each comes in its own wooden crate with two sets of interchangeable hands and 2 knifes. Articulated tail , arms and wrists.


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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Uzama - The Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore

Uzama The Monsters of Winnipeg Folklore
by Marcel Dzama x CEREALART

Set of 6 carded figures. From left to right: Tree Man, Cloudinus, Evil Ugolinor, Xenphonaner, Uzama & Sea Snake Man. Size: 3" tall. 

Edition size was 2500 sets and we got a little under 200 sets. These sets for over $400 online. These came out in 2004 and predate even The Sucklord's first resin editions!

The First 'Bootleg' figures ever sold as art.


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Friday, March 29, 2019

UTOPIA X - T Shirts - by Psychological Industries

Utopia X - by Psychological Industries

A statement on the prevalence of CCTV cameras in the modern world and the ridiculous nature of robbing the people of privacy while doing nothing to address the root cause of crime itself, poverty.

Female Shirts HERE: LINK

Unisex Shirts HERE: LINK

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Little Liberty - Black Shadow - by Erick Scarecrow

Little Liberty - Black Shadow
by Erick Scarecrow

Celebrating the anniversary of the original figure from 2007, artist Erick Scarecrow has released the new 6.5" vinyl Little Liberty collection. A popular collectible, Liberty, she is a symbol of artistic freedom and a reminder to any artist to embrace the power of artistic expression. Little Liberty is packaged in an open box and blister tray. For Ages 15 & Up.


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Thursday, March 28, 2019

MADL - Phase 4 Set - by MAD

MAD*L - Phase 4 Set - by MAD
- by MAD of Solid Industries

The Phase:4 set consists of MODERN HERO, MAD APE, and MAEMAEMON.
Limited Edition of 400 Sets

The figures are approx 5" tall and comes in a spot UV printed box with custom stickers that match the design inside."


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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Cease and Desist - Tshirts for Everyone

Cease and Desist - Unisex T Shirt
by Factory Sample

A conceptual detournement, of a banned appropriation, made into a commercial object. Its a long story... 

Nothing exists in a vacuum. All creativity builds upon the past. And nothing is outside of the realm of human interpretation. Art and Culture is an ongoing conversation humanity has with itself. 

Freedom of Expression means companies don't get to pick and choose who they inspire, who makes art, and how they make it. That would be censorship.

BONUS: Everyone gets a free Cease and Desist Sticker in R2-Blue! 

Ladies Style HERE: LINK

Unisex Style HERE: LINK

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

HOT DATE - Retail and Wholesale

Discordia Culture Shop has this wicked cute sassy HOT DATE figure on Sale. 
And Wholesale to Retailers is available too. 

8 Inches of red hot vinyl sexiness.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Underground Blend Sticker Set - Vols 07-12

Acquire the Second 6 Volumes of Underground Blend at a special price!
An ongoing collection of Vinyl Stickers from the Designer Sticker Artist global community. Curated by Discordia Merchandising.

Designer Stickers are made in small runs and are normally only available by direct trade between Sticker Artists. Discordia Merchandising made special arrangements with each Artist involved to bring these unique works to the public. 

Artists Include:
Pink Nightmare Squad - Psychological Industries - Join the Underground - Apology Girl - SSOSVA - - MOVE TO AMEND - Jupey - Urban Medium - BEAS - Urban Vinyl Daily - Ban Comics Sans - Raw Inc - MCA - Eyeformation - DrChiPohPoh - ILOVETU - Jice - EmDub - Concreeps - RXSKULLS - Sladge - And Many More!

Volume 07-12 ONLINE HERE: LINK

Volume 01-06 ONLINE HERE: LINK

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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Clutter Magazine 7 Issue Set

Get your collection off to a good start with this selection of Issues 35-41. These are nearly all of the 8.5x 5.5 size issues. Since the magazine changed sizes a few years back.

Artists Include: Kyle Kiriwin - Andrew Bell - The Loyal Subjects - Camillia dErrico - Joe Ledbetter - Tara McPherson - Sqink - Scarecrowoven - Miss Monster - Big C - Otto Bjornik - Peter Kato - Haus of Boz - RXSeven - Scott Tolleson - Jelly Empire - Deeten - Amanda Visell - Frank Montano - Oddfauna, and countless more!

BONUS: Also available is Issue 42 which must be purchased separately. Supplies are Limited!


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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

WAR-TOYS - 3 Editions - by Brian McCarty

War-Toys by

This first volume of work from the ongoing series chronicles McCarty's collaborations over the course of two years with children affected by the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. Working with humanitarian organizations including the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and the Israel Trauma Coalition, McCarty gathered children’s firsthand accounts in classrooms, community centers, clinical settings, and even bomb shelters.

Drawings that the boys and girls created are shown alongside the photographs they inspired, sometimes taken while fighting raged close-by. The resulting series provides powerful context for the children’s accounts while documenting the playthings available in each area. These cheap, plastic arsenals mirror what the children see everyday – in the news and on the streets. 

The 80-page, fabric bound book signed by the author includes over 75 photographs and illustrations; an introduction in English, Arabic, and Hebrew; essays by renowned expressive therapy experts Dr. Judith Rubin and Dr. Julia Byers; and a narrative account of the production of the series.

Available in 3 Styles:

*The Standard Hardcover

*The Special Edition with Figure and Print: (1st Picture)

• Alternate cover with hand distressed silver foil stamping. Limited to 50
• Individually numbered / signed title page.
• Toy artifact (34mm tall, cast in pewter) - molded from the actual toy solider featured on the cover and used in Wall Shooting.
• Signed / numbered 5x7 print of Wall Shooting.
• Certificate of authenticity.

*THE FOLIO EDITION (2nd Picture)

Fifty unique folios were created to help fundraise for the continued production of the WAR-TOYS Project. Each folio contains six signed and numbered 8x10 prints: three drawings shared by children affected by fighting in the West Bank and the three corresponding toy photographs created on the very first WAR-TOYS trip. 

Conceived and built by fellow artist and Grammy-award-winning package designer Hugh Brown, the folios are specially repurposed from surplus, French military medical kits. Their heavy steel cases have been filled with pieces from 7200 plastic army men, suspended in resin to form shelves for the archival prints. 

Each folio case is numbered with an engraved metal plate and is unique, inside and out. A Certificate of Authenticity is included.

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Friday, March 15, 2019

Underground Blend is Recruiting Artists

We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary for Underground Blend Blog. We had a near miss and didn't cross over the 100,000 hits mark that first year. (we hit that mark a few weeks later) But it looks like we will be well over the 200,000 hit mark for year 2! Coming up April 6th 2019. (Gavriel and Starrs 10 year anniversary btw...)

If you are a dedicated Collector/Fan of Designer Toys, a Designer Toy Artist, a Custom Toy Artist or even a Designer Sticker Artist, you can apply to join our Guest Blogger Team and earn your Ad Spaces across this blog and our 10+ websites by posting at least once a week.

We are looking for anyone interested in blogging about what they love, what they make, or even what their friends or favorite artists are up to.

YES! We are looking Artists who want to blog about their own work! We are willing to experiment with the idea of developing the first true Blogging Community for the Designer Toy Scene. This is a great opportunity to get blog posts out into the internet without going through all the hassle of making a blog of your own and doing all the social media posts that go with it.

Email us at and let us know what you want to bring to the Team.

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Saturday, March 02, 2019

POSTALCAT - by Gavriel Discordia

DIY Boxcat by Rato Kim has been decked out by our own Gavriel Discordia in a USPS Postal Label style with a vinyl wrap. 

One of a kind. Signed by the Artist.


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Friday, March 01, 2019

YETICAT - Gama-Go X Gavriel Discordia

A Custom Art Toy by our own Gavriel Discordia. 

The DIY Boxcat by Rato Kim gets the Gama-Go treatment with hand cut vinyl stickers.
Signed by the Artist. 


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Monday, February 04, 2019

Pupshaw and Pushpaw - by Jim Woodring

Pupshaw, and Pushpaw are here again to join you at your home!

Pupshaw and Pushpaw are the characters from Jim Woodring’s classic fantasy comic “Frank” loved by fans all over the world today.

Now, appearing as a soft-vinyl figure for the second time from Presspop, but in a much larger size (Pupshaw 14cm and Pushpaw 16cm tall), this product is released as a set.

Beautifully sculpted in Japan, the figures can stand individually, or smugly next to each other. Comes in special original art box designed by Jim.

Or get Both Pairs at $40 OFF!


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Friday, January 11, 2019

RAVAGER OG - By Quiccs

Ravager - the corrupted incarnation of TEQ63 from another timeline. Summoned by the Robotic Hive through a dimensional breach, Ravager's quest is to find and kill TEQ63 and his team of rebel soldiers in secret, taking over his identity and luring the humans into their future demise as their false savior.

Black OG is Limited to Maximum 500 Worldwide 1 run edition only!
Created and Envisioned by Quiccs
Meticulously synthesized and sculpted by Karmieh
Produced by Martian Toys


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Wednesday, November 28, 2018


HEAVY METAL WOOKIE in Enamel Pin form and carded like an action figure on archive quality backs with custom made miniaturized blisters. Pictured is the super rare Raw Iron Version with random card backs. Only 13 Exist!

Developed and Assembled by sentient machines at the Discordia Merchandising industrial complex, these Limited Edition Art Objects can be yours, if you understand that time may be an illusion, but it pays very well.


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Monday, November 26, 2018

Aether Seeker - Signed by Jeff Soto

Jeff Soto's SEEKER in the Purple and Black AETHER Edition is available now from Discordia Culture Shop SIGNED BY THE ARTIST!!!

AND on sale for 20% off the Original Retail Price.

Are we insane? Define sanity...


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Monday, November 19, 2018

Charlie The Angry Elephant Figure - Angel Once X UVD Toys

It has been Angel's dream to bring to life Charlie as a production vinyl toy since the character's inception. We have worked with sculptor Oasim Karmieh to develop this 3D printed 4" prototype of what our production vinyl figure will look like. The 3D renders below show you the OG Pink and Kickstarter Exclusive Green prototypes for the figure. Angel has also painted a 3D printed prototype to give you a good idea what a hand painted custom would look like.

Charlie the Angry Elephant stands 4 inches tall and will be produced in vinyl.


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Saturday, November 17, 2018

a New Sticker Art Show

PEEL and StickerYou are collaborating on a new sticker art show to be held in Toronto in 2019. The show will present a timeline of the history of the sticker as well as sticker art by numerous artists. There are many more details yet to be announced. Sign up at the link below for emailed details about the show.


Posted By: Dave Nice of PEEL MAGAZINE

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Cease and Desist - The Action Figure - by FACTORY SAMPLE

Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 30.
Manufactured by 2BITHACK for FACTORY SAMPLE.

FACTORY SAMPLE is a enigma wrapped in creativity and shrouded in appropriation.

Available on at Designer Con 2018 at the Anaheim Convention Center - DKETOYS booth 2523 November 16th-18th.

Based on the Kickstarter Funded Carded Enamel Pins available only on Discordia Culture Shop HERE: LINK

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