Tuesday, March 03, 2020


Enamel Pins are everywhere these days. Maybe you want to flood the market and devalue all the enamel pins out there hastening the collapse of the market? Well here is the Underground Blend Guide to doing just that without being a tacky beotch!

1. NO you don't need to make everything into an enamel pin. If you are looking to make a quick buck off that thing the kids are all saying these days, they wont be saying it by the time you get your pins made, and they will no doubt make fun of you for being so 'last week' with that sad old shit. Just fuck off and do something else.

2. Make one design and have it filled with various color themes. Think 'Sunset', or 'Monotone', or maybe even 'Iron Man' style. This is called Colorways. It can allow you to make as few as 25 of each colorway, in a 200 pin run, and have more to offer with every Design you launch.

3. 'Hard Enamel' is garbage. No seriously, its trash, most factories substitute bad enamel for the good stuff when making 'Hard Enamel' pins. So they wont be a higher quality pin whatsoever. There is nothing 'Hard' about 'Hard Enamel' just like there is nothing 'Soft' about 'Soft Enamel'. These terms mean little to nothing other than how Filled your pins sunken areas will be. In fact 'Soft Enamel' will not only look better because of the way it catches the light in the corners of the design, your pin order will overall weight alot less! This will cut the shipping costs for you because enamel pins are heavy enough already.

4. Glow in the Dark pins MUST HAVE Epoxy Coating added on top! Glow Fills are sandy, rough, dry, and porous. Get Epoxy Coating added to these pins or they will collect dirt and stains on the surface. The Epoxy Coating also helps the Glow effect by gathering more light and shining brighter and more evenly when Glowing. Its true, we have made pins with and without Epoxy Coating and the difference is very noticeable. 

5. Get at least 2 Backing Posts for any pin you have made no matter the size. Without 2 Posts pins can spin and be really annoying. A single Posts are often placed in the middle of the pin back, which is hit or miss and results in pins with a Post below center causing the pin to flip upside down! We own pins that do this. It's horrible. Those pins are useless.

6. STOP MAKING LARGE PINS! Enamel Pins are supposed to be light, elegant, charming little devices. Making pins that are 2x2 inches and weight a ton, results in enamel pins that are unwearable beyond a heavy leather biker jacket. And those hep cats like patches! (beards get caught on the pins) So you're making of a massive heavy pin is a lost cause outside of pinning them to black velvet and putting them in small frames before selling them.

7. Use Wizard Pins. They are extremely professional and strive to get your order right the first time. We have utilized a dozen different factories, go betweens, and random buddies. We use Wizard Pins and never look back. "But I can go straight to a factory and get a cheaper price" you may squeal with glee. Cool for you. We like the ease of communication which Wizard Pins which provides confidence that the order will be correct with no language issues. And when something goes wrong with an order we don't have to worry about a factory thousands of miles away ghosting us with no regard for their reputation. If these things mean anything to you, we suggest you try Wizard Pins out. And NO they didn't pay us a dime to say this.

Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia

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