Thursday, December 22, 2022

One Fourth of all Toy Sales are for Adults


From NBC News:

There are two things keeping the toy industry afloat right now: inflation and a consumer group known as "kidults."

These kids at heart are responsible for one-fourth of all toy sales annually, around $9 billion worth, and are the biggest driver of growth throughout the industry, according to data from the NPD Group.

Kidults, who tend to spend more on toys, have a great fondness for cartoons, superheroes and collectibles that remind them of their childhood. They buy merchandise such as action figures, Lego sets and dolls that might typically be considered "for kids." However, in recent years, toy makers have created product lines just for these consumers, realizing that demand is high for this generation of adults who still want to have fun.

Congratulations Designer Toy aficionados! You are not only keeping the toy industry afloat you are also driving innovation in the marketplace of mainstream toys. Much like McFarlane Toys altered the course of toys in the 90s, Designer Toy artists from the underground have made their way in to the halls of major licensed toy production companies. And are shaking things up, bringing their creative genius to the mainstream. Tracy Tubera, Sket One, Jessie Hernandez (of Unruly Industries) have already brought amazement to the floors of SDCC, Designer Con, NYCC, and more during 2022. What effect with their mad skills have on traditional toy production companies in the near future?

Whatever the shape of the future of Mainstream toys takes in the coming decades, you can be sure its going to be cool, with badasses at the helm, and will be worthy of being called Designer Toys. To all the collectors out there, hold onto all those self-produced, rare, early Designer Toys. When these Artists get super lit, that stuff will be very sought after.

To all the Designer Toy makers out there: Tune In. Make Drops. Take Over.

Post By: Cultural Ambassador Starr Mignon

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