Wednesday, July 04, 2018


The Star Wars Lego, Black Metal inspired, Transformative Work by Lisa Rae Hansen of IBREAKTOYS  is now in its final week! These Enamel Pins carded like Action Figures will be developed in very small numbers and are sure to be rare as hell. So do the damn thing, and pre-order yours today!


Update: The Kickstarter was a success, the pins have arrived, and we are currently working on final assembly ASAP. Supporters get first shipments, and public retail will follow soon after. All pins include bonus Red Glitter Tongues, no matter the colorway! A little surprise we threw into the production.

Oh and several secret exclusive colorways will be announced. Every colorway an edition of only 25 made!

UPDATE: NOW ONLINE HERE: LINK including the Green Glow Store Exclusive and the Raw Iron Artist Proofs! Edition of 13!!!

Final Colorway will be sold exclusively by IBREAKTOYS very soon!
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