Monday, January 10, 2022



We know that $70-$300 high quality resin action figures are a little out of some collectors price range.

Especially people new to the Designer Toy Art Market who are used to buying cheap plastic, mass produced, corporate crap from big box retailers. Those toys don't maintain value in the long run, despite what people may be trying to get on eBay. Those are just speculative bubbles that will pop over time.

Designer Toys, especially ones that are hand made in extremely rare numbers ranging from 1-100 units, DO go up in value year after year.

Still, we know the price range of these items can remain out of reach for many beginners to the Art Toy Hustle, so with that in mind we are running a Social Media Contest to win 1 Signed Artist Proof version of the Cherry Action Figure you see here. 'Babysitter Cherry' is Gavriel Discordia's own homage to the Netflix hit and the Cherry (Poptart) erotic comic book.

"Watching The Babysitter was like watching Cherry come to life in the Cherry live action film that never got made." says Gavriel

To enter this contest all you need to do is find Gavriel Discordia or Discordia Culture Shop on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Find the image you see here, Follow, and Tag 3 of your Friends.

That's all it will take to enter! Contest lasts until Jan 30th 2022.


Cherry Action Figure PreOrder Event here: LINK

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