Tuesday, November 23, 2021

TOA Highlight: VINYL SPRAY CAN "V.009"


For the Second TOATOYS drop: Teens On Acid Vinyl Spray Can Title: #009

A full-scale replica spray can with fixed Fat Cap and featuring a Stash Cap in the Base! This Rotocast Vinyl Art Toy comes wrapped in a Vinyl Sticker Label, silk-screened with Teens On Acid artwork from the Milkbar Villainy Series. Featuring a tripped out and rolled over 'Bartholomew'. 

Utilizing the DIY Spray Can 2.0 platform developed by Discordia Merchandising, the mold for which is already fully developed and Standard White retail units have been available through International Retailers all year. Now in Pink for the first time exclusively for TEENS ON ACID!

NOTE: Designer Toys are not toys, they are ART. Do not buy these for kids! Unless they are really weird and you want to be a cool parent forever!


Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia

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