Tuesday, April 27, 2021

SCP-5000 The Graphic Novel from Discordia Publishing


The SCP Foundation file SCP-5000 in Graphic Novel form for the first time. Consider this the premier SCP comic book style publication as well as the premier book release from Discordia Publishing, the new publishing branch of Discordia Merchandising.

This badass Scifi/Horror/Mystery tale is lovingly illustrated by artist DrDobermann. Based on the 5000 Series Contest Winning file by writer Tanhony. It incorporates the full scope of the SCP Foundation by covering a vast swath of Foundation lore while presenting the entire gambit of Fandom Favorites!

If this is your very first introduction to the SCP Foundation Multiverse, you are in good hands.

UPDATE: Free Hardcover Format Upgrade Unlocked!!!


Posted By: Cultural Ambassador DrGavrielDiscordia

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