Saturday, July 04, 2020


The Suckadelic Stoopid Stickers Preorder Event is going very well. It serves as an example of the power of Kickstarter. Discordia Merchandising could have just made a sticker run of Sucklord stickers and be done with it. But through Kickstarter the public is given the opportunity to dictate the development of the project far beyond the production of a simple sticker run.

Through their Pledge power we are going to have to produce a double run of Suckadelic Stoopid Stickers in Pink AND Purple! Both colorways will be available in very limited volumes to a select pool of PreOrder Clients. Along with all the additional items they opened in stretch goals such as Tshirts, Coffee Mugs, and other Event Exclusive items never to be seen again!

Again, we at Discordia Merchandising want to emphasis that Kickstarter is a boon to creators for providing the opportunity to truly gauge the public's response to their work and raise the scale of their output to levels they didn't know could be possible.

Check out all our projects to see great examples of how Kickstarter can be utilized to great advantage for even the smallest of productions. From Vinyl Stickers to DIY Toy launches Discordia Merchandising has proven that even a small company with little resources can pull of some amazing things at a scale we could never have managed in the same time frame on our own.

Study our process, and take a look at our How To Guide on Kickstarter Here: LINK

Then get cracking on your own projects and see how far they can really go!

Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia
PS: Don't be shy about asking for assistance with your project. We would love to help.

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