Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Buff Monster Prints for BLM

After watching the sweeping protests around the world, I was inspired and optimistic that real progress would be made. Justice won’t happen overnight, but the recent shooting of Rayshard Brooks by police shows just how far we still have to go.
This Friday, Juneteenth, I’ll be releasing a new print. In this ever-divisive and unprecedented time, an optimistic character championing love and togetherness, in bright colors, is just what we need. I’ve taken some old sold-out prints (including some from as long ago as 2009) and cut them down, spray-painted them and silkscreened them. There is so much variation in them; they’re all unique! Each one is 9 x 12” and will come signed and numbered.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the BlackLives Matter organization.

When I’ve released similar prints in the past, they’ve all sold out in a minute or two. So in an effort to give more collectors a chance to get one, and to raise more money for the cause, this will be a timed edition. So starting at 10am EST Friday, you’ll have 3 hours to get your order in. The edition size will be determined by how many prints are ordered in that time.
Get yours Friday at 10am-1pm EST for $120 each (+S/H) at

Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia

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