Friday, May 22, 2020

SCP Logo Pins - Round 3

The SCP Foundation is the coolest Sci-Fi/Horror writers community online. And it is entirely in Creative Commons 3.0.

This means it is 100% free to expand upon and develop new works to add to this vast multiverse of endless tales and files of anomalous artifacts and individuals. [This doesn't mean you can go crazy and start stealing whatever you want and trying to trade mark and copyright it all. Because you will have an army of angry nerds and international copyright lawyers with unlimited funding haunting you into an early grave.]

And stop being scared of Kickstarter! Its been less than 24 hours since we even thought of doing this Pre-Order Event and we build it, launched it, and already hit goal. I could have made this a 24 hour project and I might just do that next time. As long as you are not asking for tens of thousands of dollars and you are not inventing something complicated out of the blue with no track record of getting things done before you will do fine! Just don't be greedy and don't be stupid. NOW GO!

Learn More about Creative Commons HERE: LINK

Learn more about the SCP Foundation HERE: LINK

And pick up some of the best selling, twice sold out editions of the SCP Logo in Enamel Pin form being reissued by Discordia Merchandising HERE: LINK

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