Tuesday, July 09, 2019

SCP Foundation - Enamel Pin Series 002

Discordia Merchandising is back with the second wave of the very popular SCP Foundation enamel pins. This time the series is being launched on Kickstarter for immediate pre-order. This marks the 8th Project for Discordia Merchandising after DIY Spray Can, DIY BOXCAT, and the Carded Enamel Pins: Heavy Metal Wookie by IBREAKTOYS and Mario Trooper by Playful Gorilla.

These pins will be pre-sold in very limited numbers and any remaining stock will be released on Populous Ephemera after the 30 day Presale ends. The colorways include a set of 3 Glow In The Dark pins and all new Classy Versions Gold and Silver with black enamel fills. And a reissue of the Series 001 Raw Iron version. Unpainted with exposed metal for a raw, rustic, look. Or for custom painting by those who want a completely original pin.


Posted By: Cultural Ambassador Gavriel Discordia

PS: If you are not hip to SCP yet, it is basically a super awesome user generated archive of sci-fi high-weirdness. The X-Files and The Fringe have nothing on this. Thousands of Objects are archive for endless review. That is if you meet the Security Clearance requisites, otherwise expect to be Secured Contained and Protected yourself!


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