Thursday, June 28, 2018


The Spongebob - FREENY'S Hidden Dissectibles mini series is the first blind box mini series of toys form the Artist Jason Freeny. An expert in Anatomical Art, these deconstructed cartoon characters are impressive as hell for what are 4 inch figures at most. We are impressed.

And yes we had to consider whether or not to cover this corporate licensed project or not. The question, "Is this a Designer Toy?" comes up. We immediately said "YES!" to that question.

There is one single unbreakable rule about Designer Toys. It must have an Artists name on the box. And the FREENY name/logo is on the box in the product title. All other possible guidelines such as 'original art' or 'limited edition' are grey areas. Artist Name is never optional.

These are Designer Toys.

Good work Jason, we are proud of you!

These are available online only, and there is a special full case option that includes all the rare figures and a Bonus Glow in the Dark SpongeBob!


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