Friday, November 03, 2017

Ramona Flowers from Mondo - A Review

The Mondo Exclusive Ramona Flowers from the Scott Pilgrim comic book, has this week reached collectors after a long but satisfying pre-order period. Unfortunately unavailable from Mondo as both versions are completely sold out at this point. And no word as we can tell what the edition sizes were for each version.

As for the figure, Mondo does not disappoint! Nearly 8.5 inches tall, which is only a quarter inch less than advertised. This is only natural being that toys loose a little scale during the molding process. Figure is not hallow vinyl, but instead made of many interlocking solid, injection molded parts.

7 points of articulation were mentioned, although our copy only presented 5 as the head and her left hand don't move easy and its always best not to force these things. Most of the movable joints are in the legs where they meet her shorts and skates. But in the end the movement is very limited and that is just fine, this is an art object not an action figure.

The paint job is spectacular. Variations in color and shading on her hair and clothing really bring out the craftsmanship of this award worthy sculpt. Could it have come with different color hair? On and interchangeable head? Maybe. Would have been nice.

Two right hands are included along with two weapons, a hammer and baseball bat. Along with her shoulder bag, you get  nice selection of accessories all very well executed. Even someone who is not a fan of the comic book can still appreciate the stunning beauty and quality of this figure.

Looking forward to adding this to my list of Designer Toy Award predictions for 2018 as I know its hands down destined to win. Its absolutely adorable, terribly well made, and truly remarkable.

Happy Hunting.


Posted By: Gavriel Discordia

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