Thursday, April 06, 2017

UB Blogger Profile - Gavriel Discordia

Presenting Gavriel Discordia, Founding Manager of this new Blog, Underground Blend.

Along with Starr Mignon, Gavriel does many, many things. Most of which revolve around Designer Toys and Designer Stickers. Starting with Discordia Culture Shop, the Designer Toy Store. Now in its 10th year of operations, housing all of their independent capsule clothing labels/street sticker campaigns, including Psychological Industries, Apology Girl, and his wife, Starr Mignon's Pink Nightmare Squad. They make quite a team taking their operation on the road having appeared at over 30 Conventions and Pop-Up Store events since 2014. Mostly across the Eastern United States.

They also operate the sister company Discordia Merchandising producing Exclusive Designer Toy releases, Custom Goods for Independent Artists, Musicians, and non-profits. Having produced goods for Clutter Studios, Suckadelic, Smart Women Company, GIVERS, One-Eyed Doll, Cracked Apparel, ARREX SKULLS, SSOSVA, Sticker Kitty blog, Dept or Public Words, and Ban Comic Sans.

They have also produced an Artist Series of Button Displays, currently available wholesale from including; Mizna Wada, EyeFormation, Neon7, JUPEY, Join the Much, and DEAD CELL 84. As well as a New Artist Series of Enamel Pins featuring Underground Artists including and Monster Little aka ZiQi, EmDUB, and COLUS.

Gavriel is also responsible for the resurrection of the Join the Underground, the worlds first street sticker campaign started in 1966 by Grove Press. He Curates the ongoing Underground Blend Designer Sticker Pack Series, which is currently gathering for Volume 11. And Designer the niche vinyl sticker showcase website. He believes that Designer Stickers, much like Designer Toys, are a key part of the Underground Art world, by which artists can gain crucial exposure through trades, sticker drops and the ever constant stream of international sticker art shows. And he is doing his part to elevate the presence of the movement however possible.

Gavriel and Starr are also the minds behind Designer Toy Summit the new scene building event allowing Toy Artists to gather together in centrally located US cities. Having just taken place in Memphis this past March 2017.

Their many Websites are as follows:

Gavriel Discordia likes cats, hard cover books, vintage Fisher Price toys, and calculating launch trajectories while sipping ice-cold cups of Tang. His agit-prop think tank Psychological Industries has stickers in the permanent Historical Sticker Archive at St. Lawrence University.

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