Sunday, April 16, 2017

Custom Gang Run Vinyl Stickers - Black on White Vinyl - 100 Sheets

Only Discordia Merchandising can offer this printing option to the public.

You wont find small run options as low as 100 stickers online anywhere!
AND you wont find anywhere online that lets you get such a large printing area as 12x8 inches!

The Large layout allows you to group various sizes for various purposes. The first image is just an example of what such a layout could look like.

Space could also be used to develop 2 different Sticker Packs with extra Promotional Logos.

Including: Bumper Stickers, Lighter Stickers, Clothing Tag Stickers, Belt Buckle Stickers, Stickers for Magnet Backing, or even Stickers Business Cards. We handle the layout work for free. Whatever your needs may be, we can make it fit for you. If you need any design[s] more than 100 times, we can just place it into your layout twice.

And YES your stickers will arrive cut, not in one big sheet.


Posted By: Gavriel Discordia

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